Northumberland’s diverse agri-food industry offers opportunities in all areas, from farming to value-added production.

Thriving Agri-Food Industry

840 Farms

More than one third valued at over $1 million

203,446 acres

Farmland in use


Agricultural Commodities

Producing a Diverse Range of Agricultural Commodities

In 2021, agricultural commodities generated $17.75 million in farm cash receipts. 

Subsector Farm Cash Receipts ($ million)
Dairy Products 34.76
Corn 33.2
Soybeans 24.39
Fruit  5.76
Potatoes, Field and Greenhouse Vegetables 8.8
Calves and Cattle 7.42
Program Payment 4.54
Eggs 5.98
Other Crops & Livestock 18.59
Wheat 10.83
Sheep & Lambs 2.77

Emerging Farming Opportunities

  • The number of green pea farms increased from 8 to 63 (687.5%) in the last 5 years. 
  • The number of beef cattle and ranching farms increased from 150 to 195 (30%) in the last 5 years. 
  • The number of winter wheat farms increased from 15,956 to 19,453 (22%) in the last 5 years.

Skilled Workforce and High-value Supply Chain

Northumberland’s agri-food value chain drives 13.2% of jobs in the county. From farm to fork, businesses can find every step of the supply chain in the region, for improved productivity. 

Subsector Number of Jobs Percent %
Agriculture - Farms 1015 18.3 %
Food manufacturing  675 12.2 %
Beverage manufacturing 105 1.9 %
Farm product merchant wholesalers 20 0.4 %
Food merchant wholesalers 180 3.2 %
Beverage merchant wholesalers 35 0.6 %
Food and beverage stores 1450 26.1 %
Food services and drinking places 2065 37.2 %

Leaders in Research and Innovation

Be a part of Ontario as it leads the world in food technology research and development. Get access to innovative new research, and collaborate with research groups from five universities and colleges nearby to discover new agricultural trends.

Thousands of Trained Graduates from Nearby Colleges & Universities
Find skilled workers from programs offering relevant, hands-on training, such as:

Financing for Agriculture and Food Processing

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