Access half a million of the best workers in eastern Ontario, within 30 minutes of Northumberland County. Our labour force is skilled, with a track record of exceptional work ethic and lower employee turnover.

Population Fast Facts

Population Statistics


Resident Population within 30 Minutes


Growth in Population 2016 to 2021

41.6 Years

Median Age

3.1 People

Average Family Size


Average Household Income

Labour Force


Labour Force Population





Breakdown by Industry

Management 3,695 1%
Business, finance & administrative 72,465 17%
Natural & applied sciences 32,735 7%
Health 33,880 8%
Social science, education, government and religion 53,870 12%
Art, culture, recreation and sport 11,670 3%
Sales and service 108,615 25%
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related 78,825 18%
Primary industry-specific 8,410 2%
Processing, manufacturing and utilities 21,400 5%
Occupation - not applicable 13,410 2%

Hire from a Trained Talent Pool

Labour Force Population of 708,195

214,380 (30%)

High School Diploma

83,055 (12%)

Apprenticeship or Trades Cert

177,310 (25%)

College or Diploma

154,745 (22%)

Bachelor’s Degree and above

Hire from a large talent pool: 5 colleges and universities in a 50 km radius, with thousands of skilled graduates ready for careers in advanced manufacturing, agri-food, plastics, and tourism.

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Employees Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Northumberland’s workforce enjoy a lower cost of living and shorter commute times, which means they can afford to have healthier, happier lifestyles.

4 Towns in Canada’s Top 100 for Arts & Sports Communities

6 Towns in Top 150 Places to Live in Ontario

5 Towns in Top 100 Places with the Best Weather in Canada

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